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All Gender Bathrooms--effort to designate some others as


At a meeting recently, it came to my attention that there are almost no All Gender bathrooms on campus,  that even single stall bathrooms are still designated as single gender and cannot be re-designated.  At this meeting it was pointed out that some of our community members who are transgender, not on the gender binary, gender non-comforming or transition were uncomfortable using a rest room and would wait all day to return home.  So why aren’t all the single-stall bathrooms designated as “all gender” you ask?  Apparently there is a law that requires that if one single gendered bathroom is re-designated then the opposite single gendered bathroom must be also.  As many of you know in some of our buildings at ESF we have a  dearth of bathrooms, and in many of the oder buildings the bathrooms were converted men’s rooms to women’s rooms.  And sometimes there aren’t equal numbers of mens and women’s rooms at all so that has made re-designating these rooms difficult to impossible.

In the Jahn and Baker complex due to the youth of the building or the recent renovations there is a plethora of bathrooms.   These restrooms are not single-stall bathrooms but there are men’s and women’s rooms on each floor.  Sierra Jech, Heidi Webb and myself have written the attached petition to request that the multi-stall first floor women’s and men’s rooms on the first floor of Jahn be re-designated as All Gender bathrooms.  These bathrooms are extremely accessible and within 30 steps of a set of single gender bathrooms in Baker Laboratory and about 150 feet from single gender bathrooms in Gateway - all on the same level, no elevators or steps required.  There will no doubt need to be some remodeling but we feel that we need to make the request to get the conversation started.  I know that not everyone is comforatble with a multi–stall All Gender bathroom but for some, this will be a huge relief and for visitors a sign of our inclusivity.  Further, there is precedent at other SUNY schools.  Personally, I hope that on a campus where many students in field classes are told that the rest room is the nearest bush, this initiative will find wide support.

Sierra, myself and others will be tabling next week in Gateway and if you’d like to sign the proposal we would appreciate your assistance, we will be there hopefully Wednesday and Thursday.  Additionally, you are welcome to come to my office and sign.  Or you can send me an email indicating your support, or print the PDF, sign the document, scan it and email it back or even electronically sign it and return.  I don’t know how many signatures it will take or what the next steps will be, but all the support we can get will help as we move this forward.

Thank you,


Kelley J. Donaghy, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Chemistry
Immediate Past Executive Chair of Academic Governance
SUNY Senator
Director of the Environmental Scholars Program
315 Jahn Laboratory
1 Forestry Drive
SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry
Syracuse, NY 13210

Whereas a new bill is being considered within the New York State Legislature “that would make all single--‐ occupancy restrooms in public places gender neutral”;1 and
Whereas gender--‐specific bathrooms present problems for parents with differently gendered children and disabled people with differently gendered attendants; and
Whereas there are currently few facilities on the SUNY--‐ESF campus where individuals not on the gender binary, transgender, gender non--‐conforming, or transitioning individuals are comfortable “Peeing in Peace”;2 and
Whereas the Jahn Laboratory has a wealth of bathrooms having been constructed after 1993 and having both men's and women’s rooms on at least four floors; and
Whereas the first floor of Jahn Laboratory is connected by the sky bridge to Baker Laboratory and therefore additional men’s and women’s rooms are within approximately 30 steps of and located on the same floors as the first floor Jahn Laboratory bathrooms; and
Whereas the first floor of Jahn Laboratory is centrally located, wheelchair accessible from the Campus Drive entrance, open on weekends when the computer clusters are open, and is a high traffic area;
Therefore be it resolved that the chemistry department and other concerned SUNY--‐ESF community members request that the SUNY--‐ESF Administration re--‐designate the multi--‐stall men's and women’s bathrooms on the first floor of Jahn laboratory as All Gender bathrooms. We would also request that the urinals in the men’s bathroom be enclosed or at a minimum a sign indicating “unenclosed urinals may be in use” be prominently displayed.
We believe that having a multi--‐stall bathroom re--‐designated sends a strong message to our community that all people are welcome within the chemistry department and would be a strong step toward an inclusive and accessible campus.
1 NY  Bill  Proposed  statewide  requirement  for  gender  neutral  bathrooms,  Geoff  Herbert
2  Peeing  in  Peace,  Transgender  Law  Center,

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