Tuesday, January 12, 2016

SUNY aims to increase diversity

We've been advocating for Diversity Training for members of search and promotion and tenure committees, and over the past few years, programming for students has become more readily available, built into orientation, with ongoing opportunities through the office of Diversity and Inclusion (formerly known as the Office of Multicultural Affairs, which had originally been launched as the Office of Multicultural Outreach).  Last year, the college at long last, appointed a Chief Diversity Officer, albeit an Interim one.

Do these efforts go far enough? The CDO's duties were in addition to her existing ones.  While there are many parallels, that's still a lot to add on to one person's plate!  And that office works almost exclusively with students. We are so proud of the ESF student organizations that called for greater efforts toward a culturally inclusive campus, and that facilitated open forums to brainstorm questions and directions.

And this week, SUNY Chancellor Nancy Zimper included this passage in the State of the University Address--we hope, really truly to see our CDO position grow with those in the SUNY network to help faculty and staff communicate across campuses, cultures, learning styles, genders.  

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