Thursday, February 19, 2009

Breaking through the glass ceiling--and what to wear on the way, February 19, 2010.

WISE invited fashion professor Karen Bakke to talk about dressing for success, without breaking the bank.  She suggests watching clips of "working girl" where secretary Melanie Griffith is transformed into a CEO through hair and wardrobe.
Those interviewing will likely be at least a generation ahead of you, and want to hire someone that won't embarrass them.  Thus, 
1.  Do not offend--Simple, sensible, conservative attire, shoes and bags. 
2.  Keep an eye on what those in the top jobs wear.  
3.  Stock up on hosiery in the winter, as you can rarely find it in the summer any longer.  
4.  Feminine OK, but not slutty or bimbo.   
5.  And even after you've gotten the job, casual does not equal sloppy.

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