Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Robin Bell's guide to preparing for tenure

Dr. Bell “Step(ped) through hints on how to be strategic; how to build the record you need to be an academic scientist.” The time between post-doc and tenure sets the stage.  If you have a plan, you are likely to do better (measures used:  submit papers and grant applications at a higher rate, be first author more frequently) and be more satisfied.  Productivity is THE measure of how good you are, with # of pubs is the most common metric Be able to say what you have contributed, and have a “home run”—an important discovery or advance.  There is a hierarchy of value associated with scientific work:  Theoretical>experimental>technological breakthroughs. Distinguish yourself from your PhD advisor, but if the relationship is good, keep working together.  Pick projects that can be published and funded.  Collaborate.  Travel to meetings If you can’t present, see about running a workshop there, or at home institution.  Ideal: prestigious PhD program and post-doc, work assignment with opportunities for research, eminent mentor, early publishing, no career interruptions (there are some gendered differences).  Align interests with rewards; make sure what you do counts.  More comprehensive notes.

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